Marketing To The Affluent With Mark Satterfield

“Sell Shit To Rich People”

Affluent Marketing Tips you’ll learn today on The Sales Podcast

  • Dis-qualify your prospects

  • Speak the language of your tribe

  • Mark produces daily content

  • He has a specific tone

  • He is not offensive just for the sake of being offensive

  • He has fun

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  • He has a lot of women in his groups and communities

  • People like the direct approach

  • It was an evolutionary process to start selling to the rich

  • He ran into some financial services prospects, and he liked the challenges they had in connecting with the affluent

  • Mark is a direct marketing guy

  • Direct marketing is very applicable in marketing to the affluent

  • He grew up wealthy

  • His friends are wealthy

  • The expectations of his dad was that his kids would make money, and we did

  • He had a good perspective into the lives of the affluent

  • He found it was a good niche

  • Dan Kennedy markets to the affluent very well

  • It’s still not a crowded space

  • He likes people who are selling to the wealthy

  • He likes high-end art dealers

  • He likes luxury real estate people, etc.

Why sell to poor people?”

  • Poor people will return your phone call because they have nothing else to do.

  • Poor people don’t live interesting lives.

  • Their interests are narrow.

  • There are a lot of wealthy people got there by hard work.

  • Mark can be your sherpa.

  • Young people are incorrect in thinking they must be wealthy to do business with the wealthy.

  • Are you interesting?

  • If so, reach out to the wealthy.

  • Mark saw a wealthy, hard-to-reach friend engaging with a young man at a party and he gave the young man his business card because the salesman did his research.

  • Have a plan.

  • Do your homework.

  • The young salesman bought a ticket to a charity event.

  • A friend recommends that salespeople go to events in groups of two or three.

  • Dress as well or slightly better than everyone in the room.

  • The salesman played the long game.

  • Stop jumping right into “Hey, buy my stuff!”

  • Take the time to attend the right functions

  • Where do the wealthy spend their time and get their information?

  • The wealthy read their mail.

  • His wife is into purses, and they were in Vegas hitting the shops, and he was watching the salespeople who judged them based on the simple bag she was carrying.

  • We’re all judging one another.

  • Fall within the range of reasonableness.

  • He now writes books and publishes a newsletter and a group coaching program.

  • He does no one-on-one or DFY marketing for clients.

  • He’s building a community now.

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