Download The Sales Agenda To Close More Sales

Follow this process to take control of every sales situation

When you follow “The Sales Agenda,” which you can download below, you will feel as though you have a “secret weapon” in your efforts to…

  • Befriend receptionists and gatekeepers,

  • Reach decision-makers,

  • Set firm appointments with decision-makers,

  • Get them to make a decision,

  • Shorten your sales cycles,

  • Sell at higher margins,

  • And get more referrals and testimonials.

David Sandler called it “Up Front Contracts.”

Steve Clark calls it “close first, then present.”

Alan Weiss, in his $150 book “How to Write a Proposal That’s Accepted Every Time,” calls it “conceptual agreement on outcomes.” (This is dealing more with the proposal stage of the sales cycle, but he’s still setting a firm agenda with clear expectations as to what is to follow.)

When expectations are clear, the prospect is relaxed, you are confident, and a sale can be made.

Use this Sales Agenda Template to grow your sales today.