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How to make less, but better, more impactful content to grow your sales

Repurpose your content to have a bigger, broader impact, with Ana Hoffman

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Marketing Tips you’ll learn in The Sales Podcast…

  • Content repurposing can help you generate more traffic

  • Content marketing is saturated

  • Too many people are producing too much content that is not distributed, so it is hard to do, tiring, and too limited in its modality, so your content is just lost in the noise

  • Your website may not be the best place to host your content now

    • People are too lazy to go to your website to read your content

    • They want to consume on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTunes, etc

  • “Content marketing without content remarketing will not work any longer.”

  • This is not “content syndication,” i.e., sharing your blog post on a bunch of sites like Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Content repurposing is creating content as a blog post, a video, a SlideShare, a social media post, etc.

  • To find time for content repurposing …

    • Stop creating new content

    • Then  squeeze your existing content to get more out of them

    • For example, turn old interviews into blog posts and then slides

    • Focus on solving the problems your prospects have

    • Evergreen solutions to evergreen prospects are best for content repurposing

  • What do you want this content to do for your business?

    • Have a CTA. Start there.

    • Solve an evergreen problem

  • Ana doesn’t worry too much about SEO

    • Focus on your audience

    • Know your customers

    • Having buyer personas can help, but they can change over the life of your business, so stay in touch with your readers, so you know their current needs.

    • Do light keyword research on sites like Answer The Public to confirm there is a problem that needs addressing and a few minutes on SEM Rush

  • She has made two brand new posts in the first 8.5 months of the year, and her business is up, and traffic is up

  • She does not buy any traffic for her Traffic Generation Cafe

    • Her traffic has doubled this year

    • Content Repurposing is great for SEO

    • It gets you discovered and quoted and links from those who discover you and link to you

  • Ana makes less content but makes it elegant and awesome

  • For light changes to a post, keep the original post date

  • There is no duplicate content penalty from Google

    • Google simply ranks the original content higher and may not rank your re-posted content

    • That is not a penalty

    • If your re-purposed post on LinkedIn appears as #1 and you have a good CTA back to your site, don’t you still grow and win?

  • You need to know the process before you outsource it

  • Slide Share is the sleeping giant of content marketing

    • She starts as a blog, then goes to Slide Share.

    • Slide Share is an outline; it’s short and sweet.

    • Sell yourself as a trusted source and expert.

    • Use as few words as possible.

    • Images are hugely important in ranking and connecting with your prospects

  • Content Repurposing is all about showing people, not telling them

  • Jay Baer told her the first piece of content you create is not “the” content; it’s only the beginning

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